Retained Servicing

Retained Servicing

Unlike many mortgage companies that sell loans immediately after closing, CU Members Mortgage retains 99.9% of the loans we make, but what does "retained servicing" mean to your members?

ONE: You and your members will always know exactly who they will be dealing with for all their servicing needs. Year after year, you will know who to direct your members to when they have questions. Members won't be frustrated or waste time when they want to know about their mortgage payment history or escrow account.

TWO: CU Members Mortgage guarantees no solicitation for other financial products. Even if a member inadvertently contacts our servicing department for information on other products, they will be directed back to your credit union. Protection of your member relationship is of prime importance to us and a key component of our business.

THREE: With retained servicing, you'll have confidence in knowing the management of mortgage accounts in performed by a team of award-winning servicing experts who are well-versed in helping members with their needs. Our servicing professionals and processes go through extensive internal audits to confirm compliance with various states' laws. Plus, we are regulated by the OCC and reviewed by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA, and GNMA.

Retained Servicing is an opportunity for you to provide excellent service long after the loan closes. It gives your credit union control in knowing your members are working with a company who shares your commitment to people helping people.


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