Member Retention

Foremost among our operating principles is protecting the relationship between you and your members. In the truest sense we assume the role of a silent partner, with the paramount duty of assuring you retain every mortgage loan you originate. Needless to say, we do not solicit your members for other financial products. Even if members inadvertently contact our mortgage services department for information about financial services, our policy is to promptly, but courteously refer them back to you.

Thanks in good measure to our skilled, knowledgeable staff, this operating principle has proved extremely successful, resulting in a retention rate that is three times the national average.

Actually, this comes as no big surprise when you factor in our many years of experience in working with credit union personnel to produce a seamless and transparent transition of loans from credit union to our mortgage services department. To help achieve that, we provide on-site and on-line instruction and training. Plus, credit unions can access on-line pipeline reports, rates and products. It all becomes simple when we work together.


Equal Housing Lender  
CU Members Mortgage is a division of Colonial Savings, F.A. NMLS 401285.
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